Micheal Delany Said on Dec 12th 2012
 This is a great bunch of men that have served there country. they now support each other, the ones serving now, and the ones returning from iraq and afghanistan. to keep this going we need your support, come to a meeting, get involved, we all need your support.
Dan Barthe "aka Garfield"  said on July 3rd 2011
 What a great web page, I am so proud to be part of this group. The memories for me are hard to deal with but knowing others as yourselves have the same issues, make it easier to deal with. I thank all who are part of this group and all supporters who are out there and believe in us. My son served 14 months in Iraq and came back with issues,which no father wishes upon. I rode to the Post yesterday to honor 3 soldiers ' and their parents. emotions emotions emotions but what brave parents. Dear God please look over all of us and help us all .
Russ Bauer, Silver Lake, Indiana.
 said on Oct 22, 2010 5:10 PM 
Hello from Indiana!! I have been in contact with Robert Underwood concerning Spc Justin Shoecraft, one of our local soldiers lost in Afganistan recently. I wish to thank you all for you support of our troops, both past and present. You website is awesome!! I am an ALR from Post 258 in Pierceton, In. and am the senior ride captain for The Indiana Patriot Guard Riders in northeast Indiana. My wife & I are both Army vets and our youngest son is stationed up at Ft Lewis!!! I intend to get out there around Christmas and we will drive down to your post to visit!!! See ya soon !! Russ
Lee Jensen said on Aug 7, 2010 6:46 PM
It was a pleasure to meet you at the Lions Breakfast in La Center ( The Wall 8-7-10.) I was the one who came back after the breakfast in my uniform jacket on. The web site looks great with a wonderful mission. I would hope to catch one of your meeting, but as a care giver for my wife that may take some doing,
 but will sure try .
Thanks for being there for the Vets.
Lee Jensen La Center Wa
Jeannette A. Cornish said on Jun 29, 2010 6:23 PM
Hi Folks, After many years of being in a box, I located my old POW Bracelet. The bracelet has the name enscribed Capt. Harley H. Hall. So, I decided to look up this Gentleman''s name and am very saddened to read that Capt. Harley H. Hall never made it home. I wore this bracelet for many years while volunteering my services to USO and American Red Cross. Is there anyone there at the American Legion Riders that is in contact with any family members? I would like to give this bracelet to a family member. Thank- you so much for all that you do! Blessings and Love, Jeannette A. Cornish.
 BILL PORUPSKY said on May 27th
Leaving tomarrow the 28th 0730 for the WALL. I will be riding with my brothers from VVA-862 in which I am a live member in honor of Commander Hall. I will be placing my copy of "WHERE IS HARLEY H. HALL at the apex below his name. I am taking my 12yr old grandaughter Janet Lynn Porupsky to educate her on what price freedom costs.
Bill Porupsky said on Mar 27,
 2010 7:21 AM
As a member of the Blues71-72 team I maintained Capt . Halls ejection seats as an AME-2 and had the honor of watching him eject over my head when his a/c caught fire during an air show. This country needs more leaders like the Skipper
Chili Hicks said on Mar 18,
 2010 9:16 PM
Researching wa state alr webpages - yours is hands down the best...
 Chili Hicks Post 92 ALR Director
Pam Morett said on Feb 3, 2010 3:37 PM

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